All about me!

I am a semi-new college graduate with a bachelors in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.  I am currently working from home, teaching with VIP Kid.  I teach Chinese students, one-on-one, online.  I enjoy every minute of it!  If you keep up with me, you will hear all about it!

I am also a mother to a sweet ten year old ginger, named Erin.  I also have another hat….it’s the wifey hat!  I have an amazing, supporting husband who I adore.  We have been together for seven years (married for 1).

I live in Western Maryland, but I’m from West Virginia.  I moved here to be with my lover.  We bought a beautiful house in February 2016.  It’s quite large, but not too large because we want to expand our family 🙂

I love to craft, read, cook/bake, teach, and Netflix binge.  If you think we get along…well, chances are, we probably will 😉