My VIP Kid reward systems

Guys!! I’m a laminator junkie!!  I. WILL. LAMINATE. ALL. THE. THINGS!!!!  But seriously, I do laminate a lot.  I have created so many cool rewards for my VIP Kid babes.  They enjoy all of them, as much as I enjoyed making them.  All you need is a computer, printer, a laminator, magnets, a hot glue gun, and I use PowerPoint.  I have an iMac, so finding things online is so much easier.  I can take shots of anything and put it onto PowerPoint, to create a collage to print.  I find everything on Google (Love me some Google)!

Here are the rewards I currently use.  I’m in the process of making more 🙂

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They are so easy to make!  I print them out, laminate them, and then put some magnets on the back.  I spray painted a cookie sheet I got from the Dollar General, so it would blend with the reward better.  I also didn’t have to buy magnets!  When I was in college, I had a professor tell us to save all random magnets we came across.  I had some really thick, advertising magnets that I cut up.  “If it’s free, it’s for me!” <<My motto!  And there you go! Some cute, easy to make, rewards your students will love.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m making more?  I’m making a Minecraft reward, a monkey with banana reward, something with Minions, a crazy eyed cat reward, and a Lisa Frank reward (<which I’m super excited for!!).  Did anyone else grow-up loving Lisa Frank as a child?


What the back looks like ^

This is how I store my rewards.  I found this makeup organizer at TJ Max a long time ago and decided it had better use for this.

And there you go!  I will post when I finish my new rewards.  I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration.  That’s what this blog is for after all 😉

If you decide to take the plunge and join VIP Kid…go ahead  and use the link and my code below!

My code: 03PZBG


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